Bipolar Depression: 12 Life After Significant Shift I’ve Undergone Since Shock Therapy


Bipolar Depression

Bipolar Depression: Life After Significant Shift I’ve Undergone Since Shock Therapy

Life After Depression: The Significant Shift I’ve Undergone Since Shock Therapy


I spent a considerable amount of time depressed. My mental state deteriorated significantly. After a particularly difficult season, it got so bad that I was admitted to the mental health facility.

Bipolar Depression

My mind was not working. I was saying and doing strange things that I can’t even recall. I required assistance. We learned about electroshock therapy, or electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT.


My folks were in complete terror. At first, they were unwilling. However, my sister’s research proved to be helpful. She made a strong argument for why it was a smart idea.

Depression definition depression anxiety definition
Bipolar Depression
Bipolar Depression

I was prepared to have my brain shocked when I lay on the hospital bed less than a month later. What has changed since that fateful day is listed below.


My sadness has vanished. My doctor visited me every few sessions while I was receiving ECT to see how I was doing. He inquired about my depression and general well-being in a routine manner. He showed up for another evaluation around the fourteenth session.

Bipolar Depression

“How are you feeling with depression?”

I told the truth.


“I no longer sense the heaviness.” It was a miracle. ECT was a triumph. I found a good psychiatrist and therapist to help fill the gaps after I was released from the hospital.


I was able to stay an active participant and create coping mechanisms with the support of my therapist. My psychiatrist assisted me in selecting a mix of drugs to help me stay stable.


I was still listless after ECT. Not that I was depressed, but I also lacked energy. I worked through several months before I felt the effects.

Bipolar Depression

More than I had felt in a long time, I felt lighter and happier.

Dissociation is no longer a reality. Dissociation is a feeling that everyone experiences to some extent; it’s what your imagination does. I frequently experienced dissociation prior to receiving ECT.


I was mired in a dissociative state all the time. I had the impression that I was living in a black-and-white film as I looked around my life.

Bipolar Depression

Life had lost its vibrancy and hue. Everybody else carried on with their day as if nothing had changed. Everyone was aware of their cues and behaviors. I was confined in the interim.


I was an empty space. I never made it there. It used to feel to me like it was tethering itself to the world and could break free at any time.

Bipolar Depression

I was usually cut off from the outside world. I’ve grown more mindful since receiving ECT. I sense my place in the world. I feel aware of my surroundings and my body. My senses are not dulled, they are alive. I feel as though I’m seeing the world in all of its brilliant, vivid colors for the first time.



My life is under more control now. Prior to taking a mental health leave, I found it difficult to act. I managed to maintain a morning routine as best I could.

Bipolar Depression

After that, I would watch YouTube and Netflix during the day. I spent hours watching videos that I had carelessly browsed through. That’s what I did with my time.

I was unable to free myself from it. It felt like an impossible bad habit to break. I lived vicariously through my fantasy escape. I was aware that it was incorrect. I should have been doing something, I knew. However, I felt helpless.


My recuperation gave me a sense of empowerment. I had to own up to the mistakes I had made in my life. Though it happened slowly. I became more in charge of my time and energy.

Bipolar Depression

Getting a job was helpful. It seemed as though my executive function had returned to normal. I had the ability to decide and act.

When my mental health crisis was at its worst, I thought I wouldn’t survive. My heart was thumping loudly in my chest. I fought off anxiety attacks left and right throughout the day.


I was lying in bed at night, gasping for air. I used to tremble and felt as though my heart would burst from my chest. I had trouble falling asleep.

Bipolar Depression

Even after I’ve descended from my high, I still think about that. I’m very conscious of—and grateful for—my own mortality. I still get a throbbing awareness of my heart pounding in my chest. I always have some sort of thought about dying every day.

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Bipolar Depression
Bipolar Depression

I mostly consider how I will pass away at some point. It inspires me rather than terrifies me.


I don’t want to regret everything I chose not to do when I’m lying on my deathbed. My own death serves as a constant reminder that life is valuable. I’m reminded to spend time doing the things that make me happy because you never know when you’ll pass away.


I’m grateful to be alive. I feared my life for a very long time. It was an obstacle I had to overcome. I was not interested in living.


Bipolar Depression

I gained a whole new perspective on life when I faced my own mortality head-on. Even though it sounds corny, each day I wake up is a blessing.


It implies that I get to carry on with my life and my favorite activities. Every day I get to wake up. Another person didn’t.


I feel fulfilled for the first time in my life. I’m on a mission to leave this place better than when I found it, and I have a job I love doing and a support system I trust. I never imagined feeling like this. In every way, I feel very much alive.

Bipolar Depression

If you are experiencing severe depression, you may be a candidate for ECT. Some people are unable to respond to medication and must take alternative actions.

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Bipolar Depression
Bipolar Depression

ECT might be your second opportunity to reclaim your life. Consider all the benefits you stand to receive. You could bid depression farewell and welcome to a vibrant, colorful life. I am able to start over in life, and you are too.


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