Five Dumbbells : Yoga Block Exercises Now


Five Dumbbells

Five Dumbbells : Yoga Block Exercises Now

Give up dumbbells and try these five yoga block exercises to tone your hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps.


The five leg workouts listed below use a yoga block to strengthen the quads, glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings, and calf muscles, among other lower body muscles.


As the holidays approach, spending more time with loved ones may mean spending less time at the gym or, if you’re traveling more frequently, fewer options when it comes to gear.

Five Dumbbells

Five Dumbbells
Five Dumbbells

A yoga block is a little brick that goes a long way if you haven’t already invested in some of the best home gym equipment.

Here are three portable yoga block exercises and five bodyweight leg exercises that you can perform anywhere using a yoga block. Take out your mat, set aside half an hour, and attempt these poses.


Five leg workouts that you can perform with a yoga block

Yoga blocks are thought of as tools that help with certain poses, such as bridging the space between your hands or feet and the mat. However, yoga blocks can raise muscle activation and the resistance your muscles encounter during exercises, much like a Pilates ring ab workout.

Five Dumbbells

For instance, when teaching chair poses, many yoga instructors instruct students to lightly squeeze the block between their thighs as they perform the pose.


This helps activate the adductors during the yoga practice.

For at-home workouts, we suggest using a yoga block in conjunction with one of the best yoga mats for grip. If you are unable to obtain a yoga block, you can substitute a firm cushion or a book.

Five Dumbbells

Squeeze your glutes and thighs while you move, keep your core active, and maintain spine neutrality, just like you would with any leg strengthening exercise.


Of course, if you’d like, you can add more equipment, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, or resistance bands.


This variation on the squat works all the same muscle groups and works the adductors, which are the inner thighs.

Five Dumbbells

Five Dumbbells
Five Dumbbells

Using the widest setting, begin in a squat position and position the block between your thighs.

Put pressure on the block and use your core.

To open your chest, put your hands behind your head and draw your elbows back.
Press your inner thighs against the block and lower yourself to a sitting position without bending forward or bringing your elbows together.

Maintain your heel weight, stop at the bottom, and then accelerate to stand.

The glute bridge works your hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes while strengthening your core and lower back. Put your feet farther away from your body and lift your toes off the mat to drive through your heels for increased hamstring activation.

Five Dumbbells

Position the block on the narrowest setting between your thighs and slightly above your knees while lying on your back.

Tilt your pelvis toward you to press your lower back into the mat. Then, contract your abdominal muscles and place your head on the mat.


Squeeze the block, push your hips up toward the ceiling, and at the top, squeeze your glutes.
Pause for 20 beats while keeping your body in a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.

Reduce gently to the mat, beginning

This combined cardio-strength exercise raises heart rate and works the arms, shoulders, legs, and core through plyometric training.


The leg exercise will get harder the closer you place the block to your arms. Slide the block farther away from your hands for a simpler variation.

Five Dumbbells

With your hips raised in the air, begin in the downward dog position. Press through your hands, keeping your knees gently bent.

Place the block in the space between your feet and hands.

Involve your arms, shoulders, and stomach.

Leap with both feet ahead of the block, slightly behind your hands, and then return to your initial position.

Remind yourself not to bend your knees too much and to slightly shift your weight forward over your shoulders as you jump.


Yoga blocks help you move farther from the floor by bridging the gap between your limbs and the mat, but they can also cause a deficit that requires your muscles to recruit more deeply and for longer periods of time. You’ll be grateful to us later, if not immediately!

Five Dumbbells

Once your feet are hip-width apart, position the block beneath your left foot.

With your right toes tucked under, take a step back with your right foot and descend into a reverse lunge.

Maintain a straight back and a tense stomach. If you’d like, you can slant forward a little bit to engage your glutes more.

Five Pound Dumbbell Exercises

After lowering yourself until your right knee just barely touches the mat underneath you, push through your left foot .


For this squat variation, you’ll need two blocks, but if you only have one, you could use a book that is about the same height.

Five Dumbbells

This exercise works the legs even more when you use a dumbbell or kettlebell, lowering the weight to the floor or using a goblet hold. As the exercise primarily targets the outer glutes, keep in mind to squeeze your glutes throughout.


Place your blocks wider than shoulder-width apart, as you would for a sumo squat.
Make sure your blocks are sturdy and stable before standing on them. If you’d feel more comfortable, you could place something on either side of them.

As you lower yourself into a squat and tap the floor between your feet with both hands, maintain your stomach braced, chest up, and back flat.

Five Dumbbells

To stand, push through both heels.

Try this 5-move yoga block leg workout.
Get ready to unleash your inner beast during your leg workout with these yoga block poses. For added spiciness, we suggest adding weights, such as a full backpack or even a few water bottles. But adhering to the regime exactly as written won’t cost you anything.

Five Below Adjustable Dumbbells

In addition, there are numerous methods for developing muscle without using larger weights. To maximize engagement, always move with control, take your time, and give your muscles a good squeeze.

Five Dumbbells

Seven rounds of E4MOM (every four minutes on the minute)

  • Yoga block: 8–10 repetitions of prisoner squats
  • Reps: 8–10 yoga block downward dog jumps
  • 6–8 repetitions of yoga block deficit lunges per leg
  • 8–10 repetitions of yoga block sumo squats
  • Block glute bridges in yoga x max out

This is how it operates. Once you reach the glute bridges (remember to include the 20 pulses per rep), perform the first four exercises back-to-back for the prescribed number of reps.

Five Dumbbells

Five Dumbbells
Five Dumbbells

Then, continue for maximum reps until the timer reaches 3:30. After 30 seconds of rest, begin again at the top at 4:00. Go on for seven rounds.


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