Gastroenterologist Near Me Coffee: How Much Does This Drink


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Gastroenterologist Near Me Coffee: How Much Does This Drink for Gut Health

Coffee: How Much Does This Gastroenterologist Drink for Gut Health?

Gastroenterologists disclose how much of this notoriously difficult to digest food they eat every day without experiencing any issues.

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Some coffee drinkers find that it aids in digestion, while others experience a variety of digestive issues. Reflux, pains in the stomach, even diarrhea… Regarding health, the beverage does not have a good reputation.

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Scientists, however, assert that coffee has a host of advantages, including potential digestive benefits. According to an American magazine called Newsweek, even gastroenterologists do not cut it out of their diets. On the contrary.

What effects does coffee have on the digestive system?
The American National Institutes of Health claims that coffee “has been scientifically proven to aid digestion,” according to the media.


The explanation for this is that it promotes stomach acid production, which aids in improved digestion. Polyphenols, which are antioxidants found in it, also have prebiotic effects on our gut microbiota. For this reason, they assist in feeding and grooming it.


Nevertheless, we experience the drawbacks if we drink more than a particular quantity each day. In actuality, consuming too much coffee can dehydrate you, make you more anxious, or interfere with your sleep. Everything comes down to quantity.

Gastroenterologist Near Me 

How many cups are you able to have in a day?

Gastroenterologist Toufic Kachaamy told Newsweek that he only has one cup.of coffee the moment he awakens. “My body metabolizes caffeine slowly. More than one cup keeps me from falling asleep. But the doctor says that those who metabolize caffeine more slowly are more susceptible to its effects than those who absorb it more quickly. “As long as it doesn’t interfere with your sleep, coffee is good for you,”

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Gastroenterologist Near MeBest gastroenterologist in kolkata Best gastroenterologist near me
Gastroenterologist Near Me
Best gastroenterologist in Kolkata
Best gastroenterologist near me

His counterpart Vincent Ho can only have two cups of decaffeinated coffee a day in order to maintain his sleep. It has been discovered that even decaffeinated coffee is beneficial to liver health, as it lowers the risk of chronic liver disease.

Gastroenterologist Near Me

The answer to the question is also affirmative from gastroenterologist James Tabibian, who says, “I drink coffee and I don’t think it’s bad for the digestive system, except that it can aggravate or cause gastroesophageal reflux.” This effect is less likely to occur with decaffeinated coffee. Studies have actually indicated that coffee may protect the health of the digestive system.

Thus, coffee consumption isn’t always detrimental to the digestive system. Your daily consumption and tolerance will determine everything.
Recognize that its properties may also be affected by what you add to it.

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Adding a dash of turmeric or cinnamon to your beverage will increase its antioxidant content. On the other hand, adding milk to your coffee is not recommended from an intestinal standpoint. Coffee’s lactose and tannins combine to create an indigestible cocktail. Choosing a lactose-free milk, like almond milk, is preferable.


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