How to lose weight:5 Use these exercises to drop a few pounds before your big day


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How to lose weight:5 Use these exercises to drop a few pounds before your big day

Wedding weight loss: Use these exercises to drop a few pounds before your big day.


Don’t wait until the big day if you want to reduce weight before the wedding. To lose weight in a healthy way, get started early. These are some workouts to incorporate into your wedding-related weight loss regimen.

How to lose weight

Brides-to-be begin searching for the ideal wedding dress as soon as the wedding date is confirmed. Salon visits also become a regular part of their schedule. For some brides, losing a few pounds is part of their goal to look and feel their best on their wedding day.

How to lose weight

Many brides worry about losing weight for their wedding, but there are lots of weight loss activities available to help you get rid of the extra pounds. If losing weightis your fitness objective, begin creating a weight-loss exercise schedule well in advance of your wedding.

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The best time to begin exercising depends on a number of variables, including your fitness level, your goals, and the date of your wedding. However, fitness expert Abhi Singh Thakur advises starting early to allow for sustainable and gradual progress.


How to lose weight

Exercises to lose weight for aspiring brides
You can incorporate a lot of different exercises into your fitness regimen. The following are a few of the best exercises:


1. Sprinting

Start with a quick warm-up, like ten minutes of brisk walking or light running. After that, begin running at a comfortable pace while paying attention to your breathing and form. To add variation and intensity to this cardio workout, gradually increase your speed or incorporate intervals (alternating periods of higher intensity and recovery).


2. Jump Ropes

To carry outFor this exercise in strength training, place your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, as though you were sitting on a chair, lower your body by bending your hips and knees.

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Weight loss

As you do this, make sure your knees stay inside your toes and maintain a straight back. Then, to return to the starting position, press through your heels. As you get more comfortable, progressively increase the resistance while still performing bodyweight squats.

3. Jump Ropes

Start from a standing position and lower yourself to a squat with your hands on the floor. Reposition your feet to perform a plank position followed by a push-up. After making a jump and landing back in a squat, leap up forcefully and raise your arms overhead. Softly land, then move quickly to the following repetition.

4. Board

With your elbows exactly beneath your shoulders, place your forearms on the ground. Your body has to be in a straight line from head to heels. According to Thakur, maintain the plank posture for as long as you can, aiming for 60 seconds to fail. Avoid sagging or lifting your hips, and concentrate on maintaining a straight back.



Many people choose to practice yoga because of its numerous health advantages, which include helping people lose weight. You can practice yoga poses like child’s pose, warrior pose, and downward dog. Maintain a regimen that incorporates poses for increasing flexibility and strength. During the practice, focus on your breathing and mindfulness to help you de-stress.

How to lose weight

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While burpees and running improve cardiovascular health, squats increase muscle mass and metabolism, planks strengthen the core, and yoga promotes flexibility and reduces stress.

What should be considered when creating a weight-loss plan for your wedding?
To lose weight, don’t simply decide to quit eating your favorite foods when you wake up one day. Before creating a weight reduction plan, bear the following in mind:

How to lose weight

1. Time is important

It is reasonable to start a weight loss exercise program three to six months prior to the wedding in order to see results without turning to drastic or crash diets.


2. Be mindful of your level of fitness

If you haven’t or if you’re not in good physical shape, it might take you longer to get used to a regular workout schedule. The expert tells Health Shots that starting early enables a gradual and manageable increase in workout intensity.

How to lose weight

3. Steer clear of tension

Anxiety is unavoidable when there is so much to anticipate at the wedding! In the weeks preceding the wedding, starting early relieves some of the stress and pressure associated with attempting to accomplish results quickly.

4. Professional consultation

Seek advice from nutritionists, fitness instructors, or medical professionals, if at all possible. They can assist in crafting a customized strategy just for you.


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