Hydrocodone : We’re kind of in the Dark Now



Hydrocodone : We’re kind of in the Dark Now

“We’re kind of in the dark” regarding the shortage of hydrocodone

WKBW — BUFFALO, New York Local pharmacies are running low on a crucial pain reliever. Due to a shortage of the opioid hydrocodone, some patients are experiencing difficulties getting their prescriptions filled.


“At the moment, I do have some on hand, but not enough to last more than a few days,” said Chuck Barone, the head pharmacist at Kenmore’s Ivylea Pharmacy.


Barone affirming that hydrocodone is in low supply. He tries his hardest every day to ensure that he doesn’t run out, but he’s not sure if the problem is with supply or demand or with manufacturing.


“Apart from checking every morning to try to order whatever we can get in stock, we’re kind of in the dark just like everybody else,” Barone said. “We are having a lot of problems placing the order.


“April, a worried viewer, emailed us to alert us to the shortage. She was prescribed the medication due to her m-s and chronic pain, but she recently found out that her Wegmans pharmacy was unable to refill it due to a shortage similar to the one Barone is facing.


“People do contact us on a daily basis to inquire about whether we have the medication in stock at various pharmacies. In all honesty, it’s just a daily order. We’ll make sure each morning. We’ll try to get a bottle in if we can purchase one,” Barone retorted.


Wegmans sent me a statement about their supply shortages.

They may even hire a patient advocate from their insurance provider. Correct? who can look around and has the network to work with,” said Dr. Horacio Capote, the Dent Neurologic Institute’s director of neuropsychiatry.


Dr. Capote assists patients in managing their pain.

“Although it’s quite challenging to perform during a crisis, it turns out that calming techniques, breathing exercises, meditation, and other such practices actually do help,” Dr. Capote remarked.


Dr. Capote and the pharmacist inform me that while some patients may find success with over-the-counter medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, they frequently don’t work as well.

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The pharmacist tells me he purchases the drug from seven distributors, but he is restricted in what he can buy due to DEA regulations.


“Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t order ten bottles. We are constrained by the quantity of prescriptions we write for that particular class of drug, according to Barone.


“Codeine, or hydrocodone in general, is an extremely addictive drug. It’s highly regulated, particularly in New York State, so there are many problems associated with addiction and abuse.

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As pharmacists, we must address these issues as well to ensure that patients are taking their medications as prescribed and in compliance with New York State laws.


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