Strength Synonym: 10 Instead of Sit-Ups I Tried These Two Moves To Really Test


Bible verse about strength Strength calculator

Strength Synonym :10 Instead of Sit-Ups I Tried These Two Moves To Really Test

I Tried These Two Moves To Really Test My Core Strength Instead of Sit-Ups


Your ability to stabilize and strengthen your core will be tested by these leg raise and dead bug progressions.

Tensile strength tensile strength and compressive strength
Bible verse about strengthStrength calculator
Bible verse about strength
Strength calculator

Like most people, I begin my core training with sit-ups. After years of incorporating them into my workout regimen, they started to feel effortless as my strength increased. In spite of this, I discovered that performing barbell compound exercises or gymnastics routines like toes-to-bar made my core feel weak.


Strength Synonym

I’ve been attempting exercises that focus on the deep core muscles rather than the rectus abdominis, which is the core muscle just under your skin that gives you the six-pack, in order to strengthen my core.


I made the decision to give the dumbbell workout that Instagram personal trainer Elise Young shared a try. There are just two moves, but they are powerful variations of the dead bug and leg raise that activate the entire core.

Fiona Scott, a strength and conditioning coach who contributed her knowledge to Coach’s guide to leg raises, claims that the exercise is a true core workout since it works your multifidus, internal obliques, transverse abdominis, and pelvic floor.

Strength Synonym

Similarly, certified personal trainer Cara D’Orazio states in Coach’s dead bug exercise guide that the dead bug works the rectus abdominis, pelvic floor, erector spinae, and obliques in addition to the transverse abdominis.


Young advances the leg raise to the alternating single-leg variation, adds a dumbbell pull-over to the dead bug, and incorporates a chest flye.

View Young’s Instagram Reel, where she walks you through each exercise.

Even with light weights, I could barely complete 12 repetitions of Young’s ab exercises, despite my comfort level with standard ab exercises.

Strength Synonym


Just a few repetitions into the workout, I could feel my hip flexors and abdominal muscles working hard because these exercises call for both strength and control.

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Bible verse about strengthStrength calculator
Bible verse about strength
Strength calculator

Scott stresses in her form guide that you should always keep your lower back pressed into the floor. For additional support, Scott advises putting your arms by your sides and pressing into the floor with your hands, but in Young’s exercise, your hands are occupied moving dumbbells!

Strength Synonym

After a few repetitions, I felt my lower back lifting to try to support my core, even though I was trying to keep it flat on the mat. I had to pay close attention to contracting my abs and glutes, and I tried to move your belly button toward the floor by following Scott’s form cue. In between sets, I also rested a lot.

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Bible verse about strength Strength SynonymStrength calculator
Bible verse about strength
Strength Synonym Strength calculator

By the time this routine was over, my core was burning and I had worked it harder than I had in a long time. It’s crucial to avoid overstretching your body, though.

Strength Synonym

It’s best to adjust the repetitions, the amount of rest, or the exercise itself if your form starts to suffer. You should become proficient in the fundamental movement before moving on.


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