Systemic Infection : TOP 20 Systemic Illness


Systemic Infection

Systemic Infection : TOP 20 Systemic Illness

Systemic Illness

What makes a person human? We must first comprehend the true nature of human beings in order to comprehend mental illness. You may be thinking, but we do.


I mean, science knows a fair bit about how the body and brain function, right? Psychologists treat psychological disorders, while physicians write prescriptions for patients with brain damage caused by deficiency in one or more neurotransmitters.


We have psychiatric clinics for the depressed and treatment programs for addicts. That’s positive, right?

Systemic Infection

Systemic Infection
Systemic Infection

Indeed, those who benefit greatly from all of that. Still, not one of them will be.

Besides, wouldn’t it be preferable if people weren’t required to feel horrible in the first place?

Since every person has a different biology, destiny, and approach to life, there are as many causes of mental illness as there are people.


Some people experienced a difficult upbringing. Some receive insufficient affection, while others experience excessive rage.

Systemic Infection

Some people are bullied at school, some grow up with the constant stress of poverty hanging over them, and some experience trauma as adults.


There are numerous ways for a person to fall apart, and our society is fundamentally harmful and anti-human in many ways, making it difficult for any real healing to occur at all.


Today, standard treatment for depression involves prescribing antidepressant medication and maybe some therapy to help us learn better coping mechanisms for life.


But is numbing ourselves and learning to cope with lives we don’t feel good about the answer? Healing and leading happy, healthy lives—rather than causing stress, misery, and illness—should be the answer.

Systemic Infection

In the individualistic, capitalist world of today, the collective no longer provides community or support. Simultaneously, capitalism treats people like faceless cogs in an inhumane machine, frequently with the sole intent of maximizing profits.


People are becoming more and more solitary and isolated, worrying about meaningless jobs they must perform in order to survive, and worrying about their finances.


they purchase unnecessary items with the money they make from it. Consumption in order to experience a kick, a spark, or something that brings joy to life.

Systemic Infection

Is it any surprise that people feel depressed in this tense, lonely, and pointless state that an increasing number of people find themselves in?

Notwithstanding the fact that neurotransmitters govern the brain, your life experiences have an impact on your neurotransmitters.

systemic sclerosis-associated interstitial lung disease

Prolonged stress causes some neurotransmitters to rise and others to fall in concentration. When too many resources are used to handle a stressful life situation, the brain and the rest of the body become imbalanced. Although we are born with a specific DNA, epigenetics reveals that genes can be turned on or off.


Whether you are happy or not is irrelevant to the body. Its only concern is survival. Your body interprets stress as danger and will go to great lengths to help you cope, regardless of the cost to your overall well-being, if you live in a stressful environment.

Systemic Infection

Stress can also arise from other sources, such as an unhealthy diet, insufficient exercise, or a lack of social interaction. It is not even necessary for the environment to be the source of the stress.


An imbalance results from everything good getting too little attention and everything bad getting too much, which can lead to physical or mental illness.


Therefore, no, our neurotransmitters are not malfunctioning. We are a component of a bigger system that

is, for the most part, a bad place for people to live; therefore, rather than concentrating on treating specific cases, we should try to alter the system.

systemic sclerosis autoimmune myopathy overlap

The odd thing is that, when it comes to understanding how each person fits into a bigger system, modern psychiatry appears to be lacking in systems thinking.

While psychiatry as a whole does not focus on curing, psychologists may operate under this paradigm; instead, the goal is to mitigate symptoms and help patients become contributing members of society.

Systemic Infection

Psychiatry is a part of the capitalist system, which places a premium on productivity over happiness. This is due in part to the significant influence of pharmaceutical companies over research.


If you were a fanatical person, you could refer to it as corruption.

Unfortunately, powerful interests control the very research that indicates that precisely what they profit from appears to be the most effective remedy for the suffering caused by the system they are a part of.

Systemic Infection

This is because today’s society is so corrupt that it is not even considered strange.

With the complexity of the problem, where do we even begin? when every aspect of society is broken?

First and foremost, the data. by reading as much as we can and becoming as knowledgeable as we can about how society and individuals function.


We must first understand because you cannot change what you do not understand. In order to make changes, we must gain as much understanding as we can about the world, other people, and ourselves.

Systemic Infection

our lives in various ways and demonstrate the availability of alternatives. alternative identities, lifestyles, and perspectives on the world.


We could serve as role models.

We can become empathetic people who take care of ourselves and others holistically, and we can learn how to deal with our challenges in ways that work for us.

Systemic Infection

Systemic Infection
Systemic Infection

Not in a broken system that breeds more sickness and misery, following templates and regulations.

What steps can we take to transform society? How can we improve the state of the world? How can we support people in realizing their full potential—to be happy as well as productive?


We share our experiences as best we can with anyone who wants to listen once we feel that we have progressed far enough in our own journeys.

Systemic Infection

Individuals who have managed to arrive at a stage in life where we genuinely began to feel better have a distinct viewpoint on life that is well worth hearing. We can tell you what caused our illness and how we recovered, but no study can compare to a lifetime of first-hand experience.


Since all new ideas are initially viewed as insane, maybe it is us who have already been called “crazy” who need to propose novel concepts in the field of psychiatry. And who else?

We have participated in

Who better to speak on the topic than those of us who have firsthand experience with the dysfunction of the psychiatric system as part of it?

Systemic Infection

Systemic Infection
Systemic Infection

A well-known saying goes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We must actively spread all of our knowledge and life experiences in order to effect that change, and we must do so by reaching as many people as we can.

Change is possible, and it begins right now, with you and me.


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