The Top 10 Food : And Nutrition Trends 2024 on Eating Well No 1


The Top 10 Food

The Top 10 Food : And Nutrition Trends for 2024 on Eating Well No 1

The Top 10 Food and Nutrition Trends for 2024 on Eating Well

We were right to predict that spritzers, imitation recipes, and adaptogen drinks would be huge in 2023. It is particularly crucial to balance nutrition with foods and activities you enjoy for your physical and mental well-being, which has been rightfully given priority in the past year. And we don’t anticipate anything less in 2024.

The Top 10 Food

The Top 10 Food
The Top 10 Food

It shouldn’t be necessary to entirely give up comfort and enjoyment from your lifestyle in order to prioritize your health.

You’ll see that the dietary and nutritional trends we anticipate for the coming year combine happiness and health—imagine tasty snacks and entertaining beverages that pack a punch for gut health, among other things.


1. Drink plenty of water
Drinking plenty of water will always be important, and since Stanley tumblers are among the most sought-after wellness presents on social media and in “WaterTok,” this is probably not shocking.


Interest in articles concerning water and hydration increased by 29% over the previous year across all Dotdash Meredith brands (Eating Well is a part of Dotdash Meredith).

Eating Well readers feel that managing dehydration is equally crucial. Read articles such as Does Dehydration Cause High Blood Pressure? and The #1 Food to Eat When You’re Dehydrated.

The Top 10 Food

Are a few of the articles that have received the most clicks this year. Given the increasing evidence linking hydration to both physical and mental well-being, we think this trend can only get stronger.

2. Everything Caesar
Top food and beverage data collector Datassential predicts that Caesar salad will become popular with greens like kale and asparagus taking on the creamy dressing, moving beyond the traditional romaine base.


We are not surprised by this, as views of recipes for Caesar salad increased by 89% this year over last.

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From our Cucumber Ribbons Caesar Salad to our Kale & Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad with Avocado Caesar Dressing, we predict that all kinds of greens will be in style after our Caesar-inspired Roasted Cabbage Salad went viral on Tik Tok.

The Top 10 Food

But it won’t end with salad; the flavors of Caesar salad, particularly the dressing, will find their way into all of your favorite dishes. Consider dishes like roasted cabbage wedges, wraps, and flatbreads.


3. Useful Drinks
Alternative coffees were one of our top trends for 2023, and Whole Foods has them listed for 2024. That prediction was made last year.


Given how frequently energy drinks are used in place of coffee, this could be the shift away from the anticipated coffee substitute trend.


Some of these drinks have more than twice the caffeine content of an ordinary cup of coffee, so watch how much caffeine you consume throughout the day.

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This year, we’re extending this trend to include electrolyte-infused drinks (interest in articles about electrolytes increased by over 1400% this year), prebiotic and probiotic sodas (views on articles about probiotics on were

The Top 10 Food

The Top 10 Food
The Top 10 Food

this year, up 100% on and added to the mixture. We refer to these as the “functional beverage” trend to watch out for: beverages that are promoted as having additional health benefits, such as boosting gut health, motivation, or energy levels.

4. Emphasizing Digestive Health
Speaking of gut-healthy sodas, we’re seeing a huge surge in interest in foods and beverages that support gut health—interest in topics like gastrointestinal health increased by 60% this year on EatingWell.


com compared to last year—so we fully anticipate that fermented foods and ingredients high in probiotics and prebiotics will be a major focus in the coming year.

Furthermore, not only will advice approved by gastroenterologists be required, but they will actively seek it out.


Throughout 2023, we observed that our audience found articles like The Best Vegetable for Gut Health and Easy Food Swaps to Improve Gut Health—which featured insights from gastroenterologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, M.D.—to be particularly engaging.


5. Snacks High in Protein
We anticipate that in 2024, protein—a nutrient that is vital to your body’s continued strength and satisfaction—will receive the acknowledgement it so richly merits.


Since the beginning of 2023, Eating Well has seen a 41% increase in interest in plant-based protein, and protein powder has continued to grow at a 58% rate.

The Top 10 Food

Snacks are one of the most popular categories of easily accessible protein sources on the market. We’re prepared for the protein takeover on grocery store shelves, whether it’s with your go-to nuts, trail mix, yogurt, or these new and improved protein bars and chips.

6. Menopause Dietary Items

As more and more well-known people, including Drew Barrymore, Oprah, and Naomi Watts, discuss menopause in public, the once taboo subject is starting to change.


Menopause and perimenopause resources are easier to find, and Google’s data indicates a rise in health trends with terms like menopause and creatine being searched together more frequently.


7. Sugar Not Added
In 2023, dessert trends such as date bark will be prominent, and consumers will be looking for products with minimal or no added sugar. Views on articles about added sugar have increased by 1200% since last year, according to data from Eating Well.


The sugars from sweeteners, syrups, and honey are what we mean when we talk about added sugars; we’re not talking about the naturally occurring sugars in milk, fruits, and vegetables.

8. Cocktails
Over time, nonalcoholic beverages have grown in popularity, and we only see more growth in the mocktail movement.


According to Pinterest Predicts, the social media platform’s trend prediction roundup for 2024, year-round consumption of tropical, alcohol-free drinks is predicted—pineapple mocktails were searched for 70% more this past year.

The Top 10 Food

More specifically, this year will see an increase in popular alcohol-free drinks that taste and feel like alcoholic ones. According to Alex Loh, associate food editor at Eating Well, “people still want to socialize and want their drink experience to be special as if they were ordering a cocktail.”


“They wish to lead an alcohol-reduced or alcohol-free lifestyle.” Every year, as practices like Sober October and Dry January gain more traction, we’re

9. Cold plunges and ice baths

Celebrities are endorsing the latest anti-inflammatory wellness trend, which involves incorporating cold plunges into daily routines. According to Google’s Year in Search for 2023, ice bath water chillers were the most searched-for appliance.

Even though it might improve your circulation, metabolism, and reduce muscle soreness, if you’re not careful, it can also lead to hypothermia and cold shock. Consult a medical expert for guidance in making the best decision for your health.

10. Interest in Drugs for Weight Loss

We anticipate seeing a noticeable increase in weight loss medications—and perhaps prescription requests—as a result of the widespread media coverage of natural alternatives like berberine and pharmaceuticals like Ozempic for aiding in weight loss.

The Top 10 Food

According to Datassential, 14% of consumers are showing an increased interest in prescription GLP-1 receptor agonists, such as Wegovy and Ozempic.

“We anticipate that interest in weight loss medications will only grow as more of them receive approval. It’s crucial to keep in mind that, although these drugs shouldn’t be taken for everyone and should always be taken carefully, they are a safe option for a large number of obese people.

The Top 10 Food

The Top 10 Food
The Top 10 Food

According to Maria Laura Haddad-Garcia, senior nutrition and news editor at EatingWell. “When thinking about weight loss medication, it’s more important to consider the other health benefits of reducing weight than it is how far down the scale an individual can go.

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Can they move more easily? Do they lessen the chance of developing specific chronic illnesses? Do they have more restful sleep? Does their standard of living get better? We ought to be asking ourselves those questions.


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